At AFAES we are very conscious of the truth that you can’t do it alone. 😉💪🏽 It’s team work, from office to family to regional, national and international levels. We are always prepared that we run a risk in case of any circumstance whatsoever one isn’t there or can’t be there , the movement will go on and fire will keep burning.

Our ACTIVITIES in Tampere

The Talent Show

The Talent Show is here to stay! A great opportunity to promote local artists, new talents, cultural organizations. The more you understand the diversity, more you benefit for that and what a best way to communicate without language barries, nacionality or background than arts?

Ukulele Club

Let´s learn and practice together!



Make new friends and share your craft abilities in a relaxing international atmosphere.


Welcome Home

Information for those who arrive in Finland or just need basic information on daily life issues.


Build Up

Integration program for those who need a fresh start. Our goal is to give you tools and knowledge that will help with your goals and challenges. Every meeting will have different themes and activities. (meetings: 2 – 3 times per month)


Thanks everyone who visit our stand at PUISTOFIESTA. I had a blessing day sharing and learning from so much interesting great people. That was a little step on our journey in Tampere!



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