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Africans and African European Association


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The Family Support Service

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In our drive to generate funds in supporting our projects and to fulfill our set objectives, we  often offer the following services to companies and private individuals.

  • Catering service
  • Translation service
  • Events management
  • Office and household maintenance service

Support Services

Helsinki Multicultural Education Services HELMO. It aims to increase multicultural dialogue and cultural understanding via a range of activities in Helsinki.

 HELMO Homepage

POCA is an acronym for Prevention of Crisis Amongst African Families in Helsinki. The project provides help and support for people with an African cultural background and their families through it’s Family Support Services.

 POCA Facebook page


Our society is increasingly becoming a melting pot of diverse and rich cultures and origin, hence we run workshops for children and youth, with the aim of teaching and sharing African cultures, norms and tradition.

Encouraging them to develop inter-cultural communication, providing them the opportunity of positively facing and becoming aware of the prevailing cultural diversity.


AFAES is an acronym for Africans and African-Europeans Association, founded 2003 in Helsinki, as a registered multicultural association in Finland.

We are involved in the interest of both Africans and Europeans living in Europe. We cover a wider sphere of the greater multicultural African continent.
We introduce African culture to Finnish people by means of workshops, events, and other activities. Multiculturalism and open-mindedness are taken into consideration in all our activities. Developmental projects are integrated within the activities of AFAES.

  • Our Goals

    • To combat racism through teamwork
    • To employ African migrants to be self-sufficient
    • To educate African migrants and develop their self-esteem. More…
  • Actions and objectives

    • Guidance, training and support of organizations, which will be achieved in co-operation with partners and with an aim to strengthen organizations and deepen their participation
    • Develop and enhance communication, influencing and participation possibilities in Finnish society. More…
  • Organizational structure

    • Youth group
    • Peer support group for Women and Men
    • Culture & Networking group
    • Media & Advocacy group. More…

AFAES currently has about 400 members. By becoming an AFAES member, you get a lot of benefits.








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